classical guitars are hand-crafted one at a time by this master classical guitar maker
each classical guitar is made one at a time by this master classical guitar maker

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  Tommy Tedesco

  John Pisano

  Lawrence Juber

  Dori Caymmi

Greg S. Brandt guitars have been chosen by:

  • Tommy Tedesco
  • John Pisano
  • Dori Caymmi
  • Joe Jewell
  • Lawrence Juber
  • George Doering
  • Jim Hershman
  • Barry Zweig
  • Jim Fox
  • Michael Kudirka, 2000 Portland Guitar Competition winner
  • Elizabeth Busch
  • Diane Hubka

"My dad adored Greg and thought his guitars were the best."
- Denny Tedesco, son of Tommy Tedesco

"I just did an album,The Look of Love, with Diana Krall and I used an instrument by Greg Brandt, who makes beautiful guitars. Itís one of those vibrant sounding instruments that you just love to play. I have two of his guitars - he's a terrific guy and a wonderful craftsman."
- John Pisano

"I like Greg Brandt's guitars so much I bought two! I've used them in hundreds of movies with composers from John Williams and Thomas Newman to Angelo Baldimenti. I've used them on such movies as Seabiscuit, Cheaper By The Dozen, Maid In Manhattan, and The Mexican. His guitars sing!"
- George Doering

"My friend, John Pisano, introduced me to Greg Brandt guitars back in 1986. After that Greg changed the neck of one of my guitars from Brazil, and he did a perfect job. I consider Greg to be one of the most talented guitar builders today. The sound of his guitars are just heaven. I am looking forward to playing one of his new instruments. Thank you Greg, from your friend."
- Dori Caymmi

"My Greg Brandt cutaway classical has accompanied me many times onstage with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and Los Angeles Philharmonic. I believe the outstanding workmanship, attention to detail, and exceptional playability speaks for itself. But, let me add how incredibly accurate the intonation on this guitar is, which makes it a special joy to play with other instruments. Furthermore, its even response allows my Brandt guitar to be accurately amplified and recorded with ease. By far, this guitar has received more use in the past ten years than any other guitar I own. It never fails!"
- Dr. Joseph Jewell

"Greg Brandt's guitars have a beautiful warm clear tone that sound great in any situation. Add ease of playing, excellent intonation and balance thoughout the entire range plus Greg's top shelf workmanship and you get a truly remarkable guitar that looks as great as it sounds. In any performance situation, be it live or in a recording studio, I know with complete confidence that my Greg Brandt guitar will make the music sing."
- Jim Hershman

"My Greg Brandt concert guitar has an incredibly warm and open sound. The workmanship is impeccable and the appearance is strikingly gorgeous. It is a joy to open the case and know that this great guitar is mine! I think I'll give myself a treat and go play it right now."
- Barry Zweig

"My Greg Brandt guitar is a rich combination of warmth and clarity. It responds in a wide dynamic range, but with sensitivity, presence, and focus. This instrument also records incredibly well. Who could ask for anything more?"
- Jim Fox

"Greg Brandt is one of the most outstanding of the new generation of luthiers. He builds visually appealing and finely crafted instruments that are well balanced throughout their range. He makes guitars with a tone that is warm yet clear, both powerful and nuanced and distinctive. I recommend his instruments very highly."
- Jim Smith (deceased); Past Chair of Classical Guitar, USC

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